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Re: Which movie should I see on my birthday?

Curses! Although Zombieland seems to be the winner of this poll so far, it has now slipped into that nether-region between the 1st run theaters & the discount theaters. It's a shame too, because that was shaping up to be my first choice and a couple of my friends already highly recommend it.

So 2nd place would seem to be 2012, yet that looks perhaps too depressing. I feel like the world is ending as is. I don't need special effects to remind me of it.

The Invention of Lying would be cheaper and might fit better amongst my very quirky group of friends.

As for the demographics here, it's mostly male, although not exclusively. Thankfully, most of my female friends tend to have very masculine tastes. Hell, most of them are bigger zombie fans than my guy fans. (Often the girls will be in the living room playing Silent Hill or something while the guys will be in the den watching random Youtube videos or searching the internet for Doctor Who specials that haven't been formally released in the U.S. yet.) Ages are mostly in the late 20s. (I'm turning 27.) But there's kind of a wide range, with a couple of young teenagers as well as a few people in their 40s. But we're mostly theater people, thus very eccentric.
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