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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

CaptainStoner wrote: View Post
Riker hanging by one arm after kicking off the Viceroy = awesome
Agreed, although I think it needed something extra. It needed a cool action hero line in the vein of Kirk's "I... have HAD... enough of YOU!" IIRC, the original script had Riker say something like, "Don't worry. Hell is dark."

Cyke101 wrote: View Post
I mention this because there's Shatner Kirk. He solved a film by getting into a face-to-face confrontation twice out of seven movies... and this is Man of Action Kirk. It just seems very odd to me that Picard is put into these situations by writers all four times he's on screen. Even Kirk and Khan were never truly face-to-face. Primarily, I blame the writers for maneuvering Picard into such routes, and they're just a few reasons why I don't like INS and NEM (it was particularly cartoony in NEM, in an 80s Stallone flick kind of way).

With the Borg Queen, sure I can believe that scenario as it was on the Enterprise itself. I can also forgive Soran (to a point) as it was the first TNG movie AND that Picard hadn't yet turned into some sort of dynamo yet (he really did fight like an old man! )
The reason why I would say the Generations stuff was still very much in character was because things only degenerated into a fistfight as a last resort. His intention was clearly "to dissuade me from my horrific plan."

I just rewatched Nemesis yesterday. One thing that still really impresses me is how well they've integrated Data & B-4 into the same scenes. The split-screen shots are seamless. Spiner's body double is perfect. And Spiner differentiates the characters so well that I keep forgetting that it's the same character playing both roles.
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