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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

GSchnitzer wrote: View Post
Dennis wrote: View Post
There was no race of any kind, as I said uptopic.
No arguments from me, Dennis. Mostly I was being sarcastic about a race that was not a race at all. We each plug along marching to our own drummers as permitted by our respective resources and we are One Big Happy Fleet in the world of Star Trek fan films. The notion of a "horse race" was introduced by CaptainKen in order to, well, I'm not sure why. But I actually don't subscribe to the notion that this is some Zero Sum game.

My comment was also meant to serve the function of announcing that our episode has indeed been released today.
*kisses GSchnitzer on the forehead*

Bless you sir!

*runs off to engage the internets*


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