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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

CaptainKen wrote: View Post
Now, here's a fascinating new angle. Many of you know that Phase II had planned on releasing Blood and Fire - Part 2 around Labour Day or early September or sometime in September or the fall or .... now the official release date is Nov 20 (I think).

One of things I keep reading is how you can count on Phase II to release an episode when they say they will. And I have found that to be true. Along with this goes the common talk about how they are not like Exeter... they won't keep fans waiting for years. Well, as I said, I'm hoping to see Exeter release TTI: Act 4 is November. Wouldn't it be amazing if after all the hype, all the fan teasing, if Exeter released the finale to TTI before Blood and Fire 2 is released?

I think that would be ironic! I think it would be great to see the ending of The Tressaurian Intersection before seeing the ending of Blood and Fire.

Anyone wanna gamble on this horse race?
Horse Race Results: "Blood and Fire" FTW.
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