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Re: Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

Thank you all. Very much.

Yes...I tried my best throughout this tale to capture Leonard Nimoy, as well as Nicole DeBoer, as closely as possible--not just in the dialogue, but in the reflections as well. I played clips from DS9 (season 7) and JJ's film a lot, just to confim the voices.

I hope you'll be pleased with the capturing to come, as well.

Okay. Now...the two central characters meet at last....

Star Trek: Aventine
A Rendezvous With Destiny
Scene 4

In the main transporter room of the Aventine,Ezri Dax walked up to Galoth. “All right, Ambassador. I…trust you found this vessel…satisfactory…?”

Galoth gave a long pause, and replied, in a mock-threatening voice. “It sufficed…Captain Dax.”

Dax nodded, narrowed her eyes, smiled, and said in the same low tone, “Good….”

She extended her hand to the transporter padd, which the ambassador stepped onto quickly, the rest of his team in tow. She then turned to the transporter chief. “Energize.”

The group dematerialized. Ezri turned to look behind her. Her senior staff was all in place. She nodded, and turned back to the pad.

After a minute, she heard a voice on the com line, Aventine, this is Starbase 24. Ambassador Galoth and his party are on board. Prepare to receive Ambassador Spock.”

The chief responded. “Acknowledged.”

Bowers called out a “Ten-hut!” All snapped to attention, as a lone figure materialized onto the pad.

Ezri Dax had no memory of having actually met the legendary Spock. Curzon Dax had trained under the Vulcan’s father, Sarek, but unfortunately, he had never crossed paths with the son. And of course, Jadzia had seen him, once, during an incident when the Defiant had been thrown back to the 23rd Century. But…never an actual meeting. She didn’t know what to expect.

Spock’s face was filled with lines—but not simply the lines of age, but of experience. He was tall, with a stern-looking mouth, and a face that was decidedly thin. But his eyes…his eyes spoke of a great wisdom—and with it, a great air of…tiredness, as if the cares of the universe had taken their toll. Nonetheless…he was still clearly filled with a sense of purpose, and dignity….

Ezri stepped forward. “Ambassador Spock: On behalf of myself and my crew…I welcome you aboard the Aventine.”

She raised her palm in the split-fingered Vulcan salute, which Spock returned with a nod. “Thank you, Captain…” he replied as he surveyed the room, and its occupants. When he was finished, he turned back to her. “You…are Captain Ezri Dax, are you not?”

Ezri nodded. “I am, sir.” She turned to her officers. “These are my officers: Commander Samaritan Bowers…Science Officer Grun Helkara…Doctor Simon Tarses…Chief Engineer Mikaela Leishman…Oliana Mirren, Chief of Operations…and our Chief of Security, Lonnoc Kedair.”

Spock, who had stepped down, nodded to each one in turn. After this, he said, “Captain…my meeting with Empress Donatra is scheduled to take place in ten days. Therefore, there is no need for haste—it is not necessary for me to arrive early.”

Bowers frowned. “Then…respectfully, Ambassador, why arrange to be escorted so soon?”

The ambassador raised an eyebrow, and Ezri could have sworn that a smile played on his face. “Will my presence not be tolerated for an extensive length of time, Commander?”

Sam froze. “Uh…Ambassador—I assure you, that was not my—”

Ezri raised a hand, and gave her first officer a smile of her own. “Sam, sit down before you hurt yourself.”

Bowers nodded. Mikaela let out a snicker—which stopped as Sam threw her a warning look.

As Ezri turned back to Spock, the Vulcan spoke up. “If I may…will I be permitted to see your vessel?”

Ezri nodded quickly. “Of course. Lieutenant Kedair—”

But Spock spoke up, “Captain…forgive me if this is an imposition…but would it be possible for you to conduct the tour?”

Ezri blinked. That Spock would specifically request her—it was…astonishing.

She nodded slowly, fighting to keep her grin internal—and only partially succeeding. “I would be honored, sir.”

Bowers spoke up. “Ambassador…shall I have your effects brought to your quarters?”

“As you wish, Commander.” Spock set his luggage down. “Captain…shall we proceed?”

Ezri nodded again. “Of course.” She turned to Bowers. “Commander, have the bridge set course for Achernar Prime. Prepare to go to warp at my command.”

“Aye, sir.”

“Very good.” She turned back to Spock. “Ambassador?”

The Vulcan nodded. “Proceed, Captain.”

Ezri left the room, Spock by her side. She couldn’t help but reflect that finally, the monotony had been shattered. Here, at last, was a mission to live for.

* * *
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