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Re: "These are their stories." (L&O inspired what-if)

Okay. First, it might take them awhile to notice I'm missing, because sometimes I get in a mood to happily avoid all human contact for days at a time. Then they'd assume I'd run off in a moment of insanity, because that's actually pretty likely to happen! I don't really have any enemies.

One of my dad's cousins was (maybe still is, I don't know), one of the FBI's most wanted. 5 or 6 years ago a couple of FBI agents randomly showed up at my mom's house (I was visiting for the holidays), to interview us about him. We couldn't give them anything as we didn't even know of him, but when they left we all broke into hysterical laughter because the agents, a tall, attractive man who spoke in monotone and a petite, scowling red headed woman, were so perfectly Mulder and Scully one wonders if they weren't made partners as a joke.

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