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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

Anakin isn't going to be very pleased when he hears about Padme's death...neither will Obi-Wan I assume either. That was the darkest and most intense chapter yet. I think you've turned Tarkin into even more of a douche than he was in the original...I hate him lol. I'm starting to fail to see where the Glimmer of Hope is coming in this story, everything has been so...EVIL so far. I practically heard the dark side theme when reading this chapter. Tarkin seems to be this universe's version of Darth Vader as in: ruthless, unrentlenting, ambitious, arrogant, and powerful. Does this Tarkin still have Daala shacked up back at the Maw Installation or did wham bam thank you ma'am her?
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