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Yeah the final battle and tv series are pretty bad. To be truthful the original mini series has it flaws as well. Silly that the visitors have 50 mother ships with thousands of soldiers and advanced weapons and they cant stop a dozen resistance fighters in each city.
And how much luck has the US military had stopping small bands of guerrilla fighters in Iraq or Afghanistan? There's nothing remotely unrealistic about this. The whole reason guerrilla warfare does work is because its forces are small and mobile and can easily disappear, provided they have the support of the general populace. It's why terrorism is so hard to fight, and why guerrilla warfare is so often successful.

Remember that the original V miniseries was an allegory for the rise of Nazism in Europe. Everything in it had a historical equivalent, including the resistance.

They could of at least shown some government involement after the first half of the original mini, but after that they are almost completely nonexsistant. We never (as far as I remember) see any goverment involment at all, except a fighter pilot in one episode and the President for a couple minutes in the first mini series. Of course we see the police but thats it.(and they are on the side of the visitors)
Well, that was one thing that worked about the original miniseries -- the emphasis on ordinary people and how they were affected by all this. Implicitly, the government had fallen under the Visitors' thrall. That's what smart occupiers do; they co-opt the local authority structures to serve their agendas.

As for the second mini and the series, there it's just conceptual sloppiness.

Don't forget that there was a Fifth Column with the "V" that helped us. I remembered because I had a crush on Martin. A blond, handsome and a hulk of an alien. "sigh"

The miniseries was great and remember it fondly.
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