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"These are their stories." (L&O inspired what-if)

Okay, so I'm addicted to Law & Order and someone made a comment in another thread about watching too much of it and how it can affect you. This thread isn't really about the show, but it helps if you're at least familiar with it.

Basically, I've wondered sometimes what it would be like to be the victim in the story. Obviously nothing too macabre, but let's say here that you go missing. Who would the police suspect? Would they figure you just went on a trip or ran away? Would they question your SO or ex? Is there someone in your life that could be perceived as an enemy?

What person would outside observers think you were from just looking at your living space? From talking to family members, or work colleagues? Would they find out you talk to a bunch of trekkies and try to figure out who is behind the screennames? Would they discover something that would lead them in an entirely surprising direction?

Have some fun with it, don't be too morbid, and make up things as you like. It's just a bit of imaginative fun.
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