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I dont understand why the Vs dont take what they want. What is the point of being nice just to gain our favor? If I was an evil alien race and wanted something from a planet that can't defeat me I will just take it and not waste the time getting to know them.
Tell that to the British in India. Sure, you can use brute force to take what you want, but it's easier and less expensive if you can win over the local authorities and get them to do it for you. The Visitors were suffering from shortages of food and water, so it made sense that they would need to conserve their resources and rely on indigenous labor and authority structures.

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More to the point, it is not at all unreasonable to consider the fact that technological advancement eventually hits a parabolic arc where, within a short span of time, organic life will have--at its disposal--the ability to transcend flesh.
I profoundly doubt that. If you're talking about posthumanism, everybody uploading their brains into computers, that's not very believable. Here's an excellent discussion of the subject:
A human is not born as a tabula rasa, but with a brain that’s already wired and functioning as a mind. Furthermore, the brain forms as the embryo develops. It cannot be inserted after the fact, like an engine in a car chassis or software programs in an empty computer box.
Large portions of the brain process and interpret signals from the body and the environment. Without a body, these functions will flail around and can result in the brain... well, losing its mind. Without corrective “pingbacks” from the environment that are filtered by the body, the brain can easily misjudge to the point of hallucination, as seen in phenomena like phantom limb pain or fibromyalgia. Additionally, processing at light speed will probably result in madness, as everything will appear to happen simultaneously or will change order arbitrarily.
Organic intelligences can't be anything other than organic. Our minds are inseparably intertwined with the meat of our brains and bodies. A mind capable of functioning entirely within a technological substrate would be something very alien. A race of "posthuman" AIs would not be us or our descendants, just our replacements.

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But, in either case, it doesn't matter. Many quintillions of times more useful materials await the V's, far closer to home!
Point of order: Since this thread is about the original series, not the remake, the nickname "Vs" doesn't apply. The aliens from the original miniseries/show are the Visitors or the Sirians, never "the Vs." In the original, the letter V symbolized the resistance -- it was the iconic "V for Victory" of the WWII era. Even the theme music of the original series had a portion whose rhythm was based on the Morse Code symbol for V, which is also a reference to WWII symbology. So the new series' use of the letter V to represent the aliens is a complete reversal of the original's intent.
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