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The show has loopholes. I have serious problems with Aliens coming to the Earth. There's no reason why any alien species with the technology to traverse the stars would need our pesky world.
Yeah, the whole "they're here to steal our water" thing never made sense. There's millions of times more water (in the form of ice) in the Jovian moons, Kuiper Belt, scattered disk, and Oort Cloud than there is on Earth, and it's a lot easier to get to without the need to fight the gravity of both Earth and Sol. Not to mention all the ice that could be found in every other system between here and Sirius.
How about the fact that in the horrid "re-sequel" books written by the original script writer (Kenneth Johnson) he tells how after a few generations, HALF of the Earth's water has been taken by the Visitors!

I wrote a book review on Amazon:

There is roughly 326 million cubic miles (1.34 billion cubic km) of water on the Earth. The original aliens brought 50 motherships that were about 1 mile in diameter each. Individual ships could hold, at maximum, 1/20th of a cubic mile of water (assuming space needed for cargo holds, shuttle bays, engines, quarters and whatnot). Even if the aliens sent an extra MILLION ships (and that's a HUGE exaggeration) to the Earth after the original first series, they would ONLY have taken 50,000 cubic miles of water on that visit alone. While this is, indeed, a lot of water and would have caused notable climate shifts, it would not be more than a drop in the bucket in comparison to the rest of the oceans.

Even with the number of motherships I allow for, the Sirians (Visitors) would need 6,520 trips to haul ALL of it back to their star system. At a 17 year round trip (Sirius and back), it would take 55,400 years just to take HALF of the water on Earth. Then one would have to consider: how could the visitors do without so many ships while at war? Presumably a million ships, with--say--a crew of 20,000 each (total of 20 billion people) would be quite useful in their war against the "bug" aliens.
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