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Re: Was Ezri Dax too flat chested?

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Yes yes it was not cancelled it was planned. Still, there are a number of people that said in a number of places they turned off DS9 during the last season because of Ezri Dax.
Then they're pretty shallow and superficial if they only watched a tv show more for the eye candy then the story and characters.

Now, I never known anyone that said they turned off Voyager because 7 of 9 became a regular member after Kes was fired.
I'm still trying to finish up the Voyager series and I have seen everything up to Season 5 I believe, thus basically I seen everything Kes was in, yet didn't finish the series when Seven of Nine was in it...... therefore based on your above logic, I suppose I did turn off Voyager after Seven became a regular character..... but I didn't turn it off because of her being in it, or because of her looks. At the time I was moving out for college, had no cable for a couple of years and then lost track/interest for a few more years until now.

The momnet Star Trek turns into Baywatch........
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