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Re: Was Ezri Dax too flat chested?

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When Kes was fired for a busty woman, Voyager improved in ratings. When Jadzia Dax quit and was replaced with Ezri Dax, was she so flat chested that the rating of DS9 just got so bad it lead to the series being canceled? If Ezri had a bigger chest, would she have been more accepted?
I think the Borg and a number of other things that unfolded in the Voyager series had more to do with the shows ratings then Seven of Nine's boobs.

I personally never noticed anybody's boob size on the shows, nor did they ever really matter, since everybody is different.

To sum up the failures and successes of an entire tv series on one character's physical appearance is pretty narrow minded in my view.

And yes, as others said, DS9 didn't get cancelled.
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