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Homer at the Bat is my favourite episode from season 3 if not seasons 1-3. Or even 1-4.

"I told you to get rid of those sideburns dammit!"
"Mr Burns, I don't know what you think sideburns are..."

*paraphrasing this one* "Well Smithers, certainly an accident could befall one, even two of my softball stars. Maybe even three at the outside. But nine? Ha! I'd pay to see that!"
Clemens is made to think he is a chicken due to a bad hypnotist; Boggs is knocked unconscious by Barney in a rather odd argument over the greatest British prime minister of all time
Griffey overdoses on nerve tonic, resulting in an extreme case of gigantism;
Sax is arrested by the incompetent police force, because they assume he is guilty of every unsolved crime that took place where he lives in New York City (always my favourite - "Heard a guy got shot in New York, never found the guy who did it...")
Smith disappears in the "Springfield Mystery Spot," which is apparently a portal to another dimension;
Canseco is distracted by rescuing a woman and her possessions from a house fire;
Mattingly is kicked off the team by Mr. Burns due to his sideburns that don't really exist
Scioscia is hospitalized due to radiation poisoning

Great song too.

Additionally, this is Entertainment Weekly's top 25 episodes:

1. Last Exit...
2. Rosebud
3. Cape Feare
4. Marge vs the Monorail
5. Homer's Phobia
6. Mr Plow
7. Itchy and Scratchy Land
8. A Fish Called Selma
9. Treehouse of Horror V
10. Last Temptation of Homer
11. Duffless
12. I Love Lisa
13. City of New York vs Homer Simpson
14. 22 Short Films...
15. Homer at the Bat
16. Flaming Moe's
17. Bart the Daredevil
18. Homer Badman
19. Spin-off Showcase
20. Radio Bart
21. Life in the Fast Lane
22. How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
23. Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show (really!?)
24. Simpson and Delilah
25. Who Shot Mr Burns 1+2

They claim Bart to the Future is the worst episode. Given the list was made around 2003, I bet they could cherrypick from a whole host of other episodes to hold that accolade, but none that would be top 25.
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