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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

I went to my local discount theatre this evening and saw Inglorious Basterds. Mostly enjoyable, but I felt it was a little overrated -- although I will admit that my opinion might be slightly coloured by the fact that there were some projection problems in the theatre. For the first half hour or so, the images being projected were obviously too large for the screen; half the subtitles were cut off at the bottom, and the top of the screen cut off a lot of characters' eyes/hair in the wider shots. Very irksome.

I've also seen a few other flicks at that theatre recently that I didn't really want to bother with when they were in first-run, like Gamer, starring Gerard Butler, which was mostly a mess of a film. I really can't recommend it.

Halloween II
-- also not very good. I've got no problem with violence in movies, of course, but a lot of the deaths in this sequel just felt gratuitous, as well as unnecessarily brutal and bloody. And after trying to give Michael Myers a somewhat grounded origin story in his first film, Rob Zombie went in a more bizarre direction this time (Laurie having the exact same hallucinations as her brother? WTF?). I really didn't care much for Laurie in this film, and I also wasn't wild about Dr. Loomis being such a dick for most of the movie, especially after what happened in the last one.

Last week I saw Jennifer's Body. After reading all the mixed reviews, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this, but, to my pleasant surprise, I actually enjoyed it! I thought it was a fun and quirky little film. There were some great lines (I loved the one about the band members saying they wanted to be awesome and make cool music like "that guy from Maroon 5"), and Lance Henriksen's surprise cameo at the end was kind of neat. Sure, it may not be a classic, but in a few years, I think it might have a chance of becoming a cult classic on home video.
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