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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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I got my set via UPS this morning. Very spiffy looking set so far, and it comes loaded with cool extras. Unfortunately, it looks as though they failed to make it in widescreen, so I won't be able to watch it without VLC because that's needed to fix the aspect ratio. Hopefully HDTVs that come out in the following months will have an auto crop feature to get rid of the disgusting non-widescreen issues.
I'm quite offended at this very notion of butchering shows that were filmed in fullscreen. That was the way they were intended to be seen and they were composed specifically for that sort of presentation. I can understand if the shows were shot widescreen and not released to DVD in that format, but anyone who thinks it's a good idea to chop up the images is clueless, I'm sorry. It's no different than colorizing black and white movies. Leave them the way they were originally composed. And any HDTV that doesn't allow programs to be viewed in their original aspect ratio without chopping is a piece of garbage.

You're absolutely right! Because watching a TV show that presents itself as a box that takes up about 50% of the set size is really awesome. Everyone is sure gonna love the aesthetics there!
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