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I've decommissioned the DVD player

Well, with the release of "Star Trek" yesterday I've decided to decommission my standard DVD player as I bought it on Blu-Ray. My TV only has two component inputs and up until this decision they were occupied by my DVD player and my cable box.

With the purchase of this DVD I've decided to hook my PS3 (which is my Blu-Ray Player) up to the TV with component connectors. My SD DVD player remians unconnected to my TV. I may reconnect it using RCA/Composite connectors at somepoint but there may-be little point.

Not sure I'm completely switched over to Blu-Ray yet it may depend on the movie if I get it or not (for consistancy I will continue to collect TV series on DVD) on Blu-Ray but since the PS3 (and all BD players) will play DVDs and even up-converts them a bit, well, time to upgrade.

Sigh. DVD, you served us well.
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