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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

This is by far my favourite thing on the internet right now CS! Another stellar entry...and maybe it's my fondness for Star Wars The Clone Wars but I keep picturing and hearing Ewan McGregor as old Obi-Wan now. Since this is an alternate universe, and we know that this Obi-Wan has led a different life the past twenty years than his normal 'verse counterpart he hasn't aged as harsh as our Ben did. I am very much enjoying their banter together. You've taken what Lucas intended their relationship be like (we saw glimpses of it in Attack of the Clones and the first half of Revenge of the Sith) but have given them much better dialouge. I liked the "You never called me Ani" line. Also liked Anakin's scoffing of Palpatine's grandoise naming of things.

I still like my Sun Crusher suggestion...why destroy entire planets...when you can take out whole systems? You could give that quote to Moff Tarkin if you like lol.
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