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"Homer, what's your least favourite country - France or Italy? Ha! No one ever says Italy!" *arms missile*

"If you wouldn't mind killing someone on the way out, that'd help me a lot."

"Homer, would you mind putting my coat on the wall?"
"Sure" *looks around circular glass room confused*
"Relax Homer! We don't believe in walls here in Globex! As a matter of fact, I didn't even give you my coat!"
And the hilarious deleted scene, seen in the 137 Episode Spectacular special:

James Bond-like character: As he's being dragged off by hte bad guy's henchmen, "Wait -- aren't you at least going to tell me your secret plans for world domination?!"

Bad guyt pardoying a nameless villain from For Your Eyes Only: Walking with, petting his cat, "Ha, ha! I'm not going to fall for that again!"
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