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Re: One bigass ret-Khan they would need to do...

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I quit watching ST:ENT during the Xindi arc ("We are evil lizard men bwah hah ha!! ... " ), though I heard that they introduced a ship full of Augments later on in the series. I'm curious how they handled the origin there. Did they re-write their origin, keep it vague and unexplained or just completly ignored it outright?

Which is also exactly the same thing Wrath of Khan did (remember, TWOK was made a mere ten years before 1992, so such claims of an immenient seizure of power by supermen seemed doubtful even then); although not only did TWOK not mention the date it retconned what Khan's guys were (they were not engineered supermen in the original episode... they were made through selective breeding. Er. Right.)

The specific dates of Khan's reign and even the fact he's a Sikh have only ever been things that are important to us, Trekkie nerds. For a new filmic take on him this it's completely irrelevant.
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