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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

Loved the battle scene between the Enterprise and the Scimitar. It evoked the battle between the Enterprise and the cloaked Bird of Prey in The Undiscovered Country. When the Enterprise was on full impulse to ram the Scimitar, I said to myself (like the Son'a from Insurrection said to Worf) "He wouldn't," and he did!

My eyes widened and jaw fell when the two ships impacted. I had never seen Star Trek do anything like that before. It was almost like Picard had said to himself, "That's it! No more of this bullshit!" *RAAAAAAAM*

I'll always remember that shot of the partially destroyed Enterprise and the Scimitar just sitting quietly in space after to the two vessels detached from each other. Someone in the theater whispered loudly, "Jesus..."
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