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Re: The Simpsons

Mr. Burns: "... feel my vest, feel my vest. Won't you pleeease feeel myyy vest!!!"
The Beauty & the Beast homaged music builds and ends.
Mr. Burns: "I really like my vests."
Smithers: "I gathered as much, sir."

Bart: Hiding away with Lisa nearby, "Nah nah, nah. Nah nah, nah. Nah nha--"
Lisa: "Bart, quit it!"
Bart: "Sorry, but you got to admit it's kind of catchy."

Bart and Lisa with other kids at Camp Krusty, watching a video tape of Krust the Clown, who is not there (from vague memory):
Krusty: "Hey kids! Sorry I can't be there, but I am handing off my duties to my good friend--"
Male dub over: "Mr. Black."

Smithers: "Oh, I can't take it anymore! I love you, sir!" (I think he then gave him a quick smooch)
Mr. Burns: "Hot dog. Thanks for making the last moments of my life on Earth awkward."

Willie: "...aaaaaAAAAAAGGHHHH!!! MAKE WAY FOR WILLIE!!!!!"

Bart: "I'm Bart Simpsons. Who the hell are you?"
News Reporter: "Heh, you know little boy -- back in my day we didn't talk to our elders like that."
Bart: "Well, this is my day, sir."
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