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^^^Yeah I get that. But the Visitors had advanced weapons plus the world governments and local authorities on their side.
Again, the same can be said of most any situation where guerrilla warfare is waged. Heck, that's exactly why guerrilla warfare would be needed in the first place. It's a tactic used against an enemy who has a decided advantage in technology, wealth, numbers, influence, and everything else.

But that isnt the only problem with the series as I mentioned. Seems like they ignored their own internal continuity within the mini series as well as the weekly series. The worst being the Final Battle and the Weekly.
Well, that's a given. Kenneth Johnson created the original miniseries, but NBC took it away from him while the sequel was in production. So the storyline was heavily rewritten into something totally different from what Johnson had in mind. And the weekly series was subject to a lot of network meddling and retooling.

Part of the reason genre shows have so much trouble as a rule is that they're expensive, and the more expensive a series is, the more the network execs feel they have to micromanage it. So they often fall prey to retooling, budget cuts, and so on. The reason V: The Series lost many of its regular cast about halfway through was because the network slashed the budget.
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