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Yeah the final battle and tv series are pretty bad. To be truthful the original mini series has it flaws as well. Silly that the visitors have 50 mother ships with thousands of soldiers and advanced weapons and they cant stop a dozen resistance fighters in each city. Yeah I know there are probably more but the way all of the series presents it isnt very believable.
They could of at least shown some government involement after the first half of the original mini, but after that they are almost completely nonexsistant. We never (as far as I remember) see any goverment involment at all, except a fighter pilot in one episode and the President for a couple minutes in the first mini series. Of course we see the police but thats it.(and they are on the side of the visitors)
To top it off at the end of the Final Battle, the news report says the People of the world are finally free. Whaaat. Both miniseries painted the fact that the visitors were mostly accepted by the media and government and at least half the population up until the very end.
You would think the series would have military invovlment once the Visitors return. Right? But guess what? They dont. Its only the resistant fighters again.

Bad execution. Felt so disjointed. Great theme songs though.
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