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But by now we are spoiled with good sci-fi, it's kinda soapy and the effects are pretty bad. It was an amazing show when it aired but it has lost a lot of it's appeal now.
Actually it was a lousy show when it first aired. It had very little appeal. The original miniseries was great, a smart, thoughtful allegory on the rise of Nazism. The second miniseries downplayed the allegory and social commentary in favor of action, soap opera, and cheesy sci-fi gimmickry. And the weekly series abandoned any pretense of allegory or sophistication altogether. It was poorly regarded at the time for how badly it dumbed down the concept.

Maybe if the premise had been that brainless from the very beginning, V might be remembered today as a bit of mindless, cheesy fluff like Buck Rogers or Knight Rider. But the original miniseries was so much more, and its potential was thoroughly squandered by what came after. That's why the series is so reviled.
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