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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Yeah, it's total bullshit. The level of TV effects work in the miniature arena during early to late 90s on DS9 and later TNG was very high indeed, and considerably more convincing than what followed during the rush to CG for dollar reasons and being able to do more shots at less credibility.

Then again, viewers today seem to like fake looking stuff more, as long as it is pretty enough. Cater to morons, redo the fx.
I too agree. While models have production reasons why they are inferior (more expense, complicated shots, limited camera angles) a well done model shot is simply superior in every way to a CGI effect.

The best example of this is in Star Trek: Generations where for much of the movie, the Enterprise-D is a model.. and it looks absolutely amazing, particularly in the new blu-ray release.

TNG's problem, as mentioned above, is that the effects were edited in on video tape.. but at one point these would have had to be composited on film, and maybe that film is still available.. who knows? Heck, if the TOS prints are still around, there's gotta be TNG prints somewhere.
Bullshit my arse.

So all CGI is inferior to all miniature. Now that is bullshit. Well done, some of the fx you've seen betrays its working and blatant miniatures are preferable to blatant cgi, but thats not a universal view. Personally, I'd take the primitively rendered yet respectably realistic motion of B5 over the immaculately detailed 3 point turning model composited alongside a ridiculously overscaled bird of prey anyday.

Crap FX have nothing to do with the Video tape.
There are obviously model effects that are crap, and CGI effects that are excellent work as well. The reverse is also true.

With technology improving, maybe it's possible to create a CGI Enterprise-D that looks better than the model. I'm merely saying that hasn't happened yet.

The B5 effects have their own problems, as do the TNG model effects. A discourse comparing the two would be useless as the technology for those effects is now obsolete.

My point was that in this age of CGI, many people underestimate how great models used to look. The real trick here is to create CGI that doesn't look like garbage.

That way you have the model detail of TNG with the motions lf B5, scale is preserved, and everyone wins.
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