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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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Hey, Farscape fans. I've not seen this series, but am looking to start a new SF series. Sell me on this box set.
It's my favorite show of all times. There is no military, no orders (Except for the Peacekeepers but we see that point of view from the other side really), but just one hell of a cast, awesome puppets that are more human than some of the Humans I've seen on certain Scifi series' (I'm looking at you BSG), and a mixture of arc and episodic storytelling that suits well with whatever you're looking for. People say that the final four episodes of Season 1 is really when the series takes off, and that may be true, but there are a number of outstanding episodes in the first season. Durka Returns introduces Chiana, A Bugs Life could be kind of like a prolouge to what is to come, the First episode was great, and then Human Reaction which sets the whole thing with Wormholes in motion.

Anyway, I just ordered my set. So glad this thing is out. I can always get Star Trek at Christmas time. Having the opportunity to get this set now was something I just couldn't pass up. I'm so ready to reunite myself with some of Scifi's best characters ever.

I still watch clips on Youtube. Someone did like a top 25 Aeryn and John moments and I think I saw all of them. I still have a giant smile on my face at the number one moment, which was:

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