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11/14 - Set report spoilers from Celestial Beauty: This is what I managed to find out on the set I visiting during the [COLOR=blue]filming[/COLOR] at the High School last week. You already have a few bits of this but here goes. At the school, Alex (Tania Raymonde) is actually a student at this school where Ben is a teacher. She is still "close" to Ben. Also spotted at the school are both, boom boom, Doc Arzt and Rose! No sign of Bernard. One of the new guests that you posted, William Atherton, was on the set. He is actually the Principle of the school, however I'll leave you with this cryptic snippet. Although he is the principle, that may not actually be his only role! Locke and Ben both work at the School. Source: Lost Spoilers

I don't like. I don't want them to waste tons of time in an "alternate timeline" back in the real world. I want them to be back on the island answering questions.
It seems awful fishy that this many people are in the same place together. There has to be something more than just an alternate time line.
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