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Re: Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

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Well, that WAS amusing--I enjoyed it! Now, my question is, was the tradition of "Civil Insults" established in ENT? Or is that a protocol you've come up with to explain Tellarite culture? (And I wonder, what do you see as its social function?)
Actually, I first saw the term in Prime Directive, by Judy and Gar. In that book, a Tellarite basically seems to view what we call "courtesy" as rudeness, and vice versa.

Which might explain why Tellarites and Klingons would get along....

To everyone: thanks for your positive response! Yes, ever since I saw a pic of the Aventine, my reaction was, "There's something immensely attractive about sweet, innocent, lovable Ezri being in command of the most powerful ship in the fleet!"

So...I decided to dramatize this, showing our girl in a position of power--owning an ambassador, something even Kirk would rarely do....

I will put up the next section momentarily....
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