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Re: One bigass ret-Khan they would need to do...

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I've been advocating abandoning the foolishness of irrevocably dating the Eugenics War in the 1990s for a while. It didn't even make sense in the late 1960s. For Khan to have been a ruler of a quarter of Earth in 1992 or whatever it was, "Space Seed" was asking us to believe that there was a massive genetic engineering or selective breeding program being undertaken somewhere in the East even as the episode premiered.

I don't really want to see Khan or the Augments in Star Trek 12, but if I did, I would be pleased to see them from at the earliest the 2050s.
According to the prequel novels by Greg Cox, the creation of the Augments was a secret project that nobody else in the world knew about, not even the CIA, KGB, MI6, Mossad, or any other intelligence agency-the only one that did was Gary Seven and the Aegis, who tried to stop it as best as they could, but to no avail, since Seven spared the lives of the various kids created by the project, all of whom grew up to start the Eugenics War. BTW, this project was an international undertaking, not just something 'from the East'.
A human genetic engineering program isn't cheap or easy to conceal, though. I mean, who ran it, Hugo Drax?

The secret program/few Augments paradigm I just can't truck with. To be effective, there would have had to have been hundreds of millions of them. A few thousand guys with trebled strength and doubled intelligence? So what, they aren't bulletproof. How do you seize power in (what was it?) forty nations with a few thousand guys?

To be viable, Augments have to have a large presence in the population. Frankly, I think that's more interesting anyway, in that it elevates the Augies beyond supervillains.

Good call on setting the war in the 2050's instead of the 1990's.-in fact, I'd have it be WWIII as well, or set before WWIII.
Now on this, we're in total agreement.

The DY-100 ships were intended for interplanetary travel, not interstellar travel, and would have not made it to another system without something like the HAL-9000 computer flying the ship, which they didn't have in the '1990's'-that's why Khan & Co. never made it to Tau Ceti, and would most likely have died if the Enterprise had not discovered their S.O.S.
Sometimes, I still kind of think they were only like three LY out from Earth. Enterprise got near the location of the discovery real quickly in TWoK, anyway... plus the sublightness of the whole endeavor.

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