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Re: The Simpsons

Homer: "But what can I do? I'm only," counts the fingers on one hand, "one man."

Krusty: Dressed as a vamprie for I guess for a Halloween episode, "Hey, kids! Tonight I'm going to SUCK!"
Cue card guy flips over to the next card.
"... your blood."

From memory:
Mr. Burns: "Nonsense, dogs are idiots. Think about it: what would you think if I came around scratching myself and sniffing at your crotch?"
Smithers: "Hum ... if you did it, sir?"

COUNTLESS classic lines from "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" (both parts)

Skinner: Stands up, shouting after having an argument with a fellow teacher, "Oh come on, Edna -- you and I both know these children have no future!!!"
Collective worried gasps from all the children in the caferteria, some dropping utensils.
Skinner: "Ah ... prove me wrong, children. Prooove meee wrooon..."

Apu: "Please do not offer my god a peanut."

Mr. Burns, offering Lisa a cellphone after they caught what he was doing with the dogs.
Mr. Burns: "Here's a phone -- call someone who cares."
Lisa dialls 911.
Mr. Burns: "Buh, give me that!"

Lisa: "Ah, dad -- that's his crotch."

Homer: "No TV and no beer make Homer something something..."

Smithers turns his computer on and a pixelated Mr. Burns appears and speaks, while Lisa stands by:
Fake Burns: "Hello, Smithers, you're quite good at turning me on."
Smithers: "Um ... you should probably ignore that."

Homer, running after his Bart and Lisa at a company pick nick, screaming:

Homer stands up and the music builds
Homer: "Kids, leave the room..."
They scurry away.
Homer: Sucks in a deep breath, "FU--"
Birds fly away and so forth. Flanders peeps his head out a hosue window.
Flanders: "Dear lord -- that was the loudest profanity I've ever heard!"

Mr. Burns: "Look at me -- I'm Davey Crockett!"

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