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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

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Being a P/C fan, I liked the little bit of interaction between the two in this movie, more so than the other three TNG films. There seemed to be more of that old connection between the two. I wish the cut scenes were in there too, like the goodbye and the wedding party conversation, but at least we got Bev sitting on his desk like she did in the series.

I also liked:

*The wedding.
*The end battle.
*The nature vs. nuture theme.
*Brent Spiner's acting when he as Data deactivates B-4.
*Data's funeral.
*The Ready Room scene where Picard tries to dissuade Shinzon from following through with his plan. This is something that harkened back to the series where he would try to use talk first before action. And yeah, this movie has a lot of action, so it was nice to see things slow down a bit there.
*Riker trying to remember the tune Data whistled.
*The goodbye between Riker and Picard.
*Picard walking and smiling down the corridor at the end.
Those 'family moments' are what makes it for me in any ST-especially Voyager, whose Family was forged by extreme circumstance, and shared isolation. I wouldn't mind seeing Bev and Jean-Luc become a couple myself.
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