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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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A good miniature shot should look real. A good CGI sequence should look real. Only our knowledge that there is no real starship should betray the effect and as amazing as the filming models were, there's not one shot of it in TNG that would stand up to either today's CGI standards or current viewer expectations.
No offense, but I call bullshit.

TNG's model work was fantastic in most cases, and extremely well done. I've watched many an episode over the years, and I think the visual effects hold up quite well. Sure, there's a lack of certain things, like the ability to show tons of ships when an armada is supposedly going into battle, but what is on the screen looks good.

Frankly, I find a great deal of the televised CGI work done in the later years to be quite wanting in comparison to TNG.
Yeah, it's total bullshit. The level of TV effects work in the miniature arena during early to late 90s on DS9 and later TNG was very high indeed, and considerably more convincing than what followed during the rush to CG for dollar reasons and being able to do more shots at less credibility.

Then again, viewers today seem to like fake looking stuff more, as long as it is pretty enough. Cater to morons, redo the fx.
I too agree. While models have production reasons why they are inferior (more expense, complicated shots, limited camera angles) a well done model shot is simply superior in every way to a CGI effect.

The best example of this is in Star Trek: Generations where for much of the movie, the Enterprise-D is a model.. and it looks absolutely amazing, particularly in the new blu-ray release.

TNG's problem, as mentioned above, is that the effects were edited in on video tape.. but at one point these would have had to be composited on film, and maybe that film is still available.. who knows? Heck, if the TOS prints are still around, there's gotta be TNG prints somewhere.
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