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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

The positive review of the movie in two local Toronto papers (NOW & Exclaim! [a music magazine]) were enough for me to see it twice, for some reason; the first time because the theater I saw it in first sucked, the second time because I wanted to see it at the Uptown theater in downtown Toronto, which was bigger and better (it's now gone, sadly.)

Here's the review from Exclaim!:

Despite the fact that Star Trek, as an institution, has lost much of its momentum, especially after 1998’s muddled Insurrection, the Trek still holds a special place in the hearts of geeks. And Star Trek Nemesis is, surprisingly, probably the second-best Next Generation film, after the Borg-heavyFirst Contact. After the initial “flogging a dead Targ” feel of seeing the old, and I do mean old, gang reunited (the wedding of Deanna and Riker, the futuristic dune buggy away mission with Picard, Data and Worf), Nemesis quickly and efficiently introduces its antagonist (Shinzon, a young clone of Picard who now rules the Romulan and Reman empire) and starts exploring its themes of duality.
Nemesis review

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