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Re: TNG Caption This #163 - 'Not of the canon'

Troi: "What are you reading Captain?"

Picard: "Oh, just an old Earth history document concerning the "internet", which was a precursor to our GalaxyNet. It seems there used to be an obscure BBS call "TrekBBS", and there was a member of the BBS named "cooleddie".

Troi: "And? Did cooleddie go on to fame and fortune? Cure cancer? Invent the transtator? Help form the Federation?"

Picard: "No... nothing as grandiose as that, I'm afraid Counselor. He was murdered by the other members of the BBS after he made a joke disparaging their sex lives."

Troi: "They killed him because of a joke?"

Picard: "No, they killed him because it was the truth."

Troi: (Shudder) So much pain... so much pain and violence."

Welcome to the nightmare in my head. Say hello to something scary.

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