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Personally, one of my favorite episodes is "Homer the Vigilante", which comes out of the Fifth Season (one of my beloved and favorite seasons).

Some of the greatest lines ever in that ep:

"Can you swing a sack of doorknobs?"

"Can I !"

"Here's the sack, but you gotta supply your own knobs."


"Lisa, dont EVER stop in the middle of a ho-down!"
I love the anti-cat burglar security systems, the house with legs and the lasers! Homer the Vigilante is one of my all time favourites as well, along with You Only Move Twice. In fact they were the first two I ever saw, on a video with Marge in Chains and Bart the Fink.

I can't believe A Star is Burns is underrated - I adore that episode. The Burns film alone is worth seeing over and over again.

As for my drop-off point, season 12 is the last one I remember really enjoying. I kept watching up to 15 and just petered away gradually. It really did lose a lot of its inventiveness and charm. And the supporting cast seemed to shrink too. All of a sudden, it was just Burns, Smithers, Apu, Skinner etc with so, so many other good characters shafted.

I have seen a few episodes from seasons 19 and 20 which were much better than anything from 13-18 though.
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