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Re: DS9 Avatar Contest 118

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^ So, is Megatron one of the evil or good transformers? I forget!

(Just so I know who I should side with! )
The bad one, the Decepticon leader...

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Marie1 wrote: View Post
Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
I had this idea cooked up right from the very start, yesssss.

Nerys is really Megatron!!! Atttttaccckkkk!!!!

I know Transformers from the cartoon when I was little, but I'm not exactly sure why that particular statement got a Transformers comment...
Megatron, especially in G1 and Beast Wars, used to say "Yesssssss." A lot. *Especially* in Beast Wars, he used it almost every sentence for like 2 seasons...

Wicca who Wonta wrote: View Post
I have an announcement to make! I've been running this contest for a year and feel that it's time to let someone else take over. Marie has graciously agreed to take on the job starting from contest 119. Let's all show her our support for agreeing to run the contest!

And I also want to thank you all for a great year! The posters of this contest is what makes the contest great and it's been very fun to run it! I hope Marie will enjoy it as much as I have!

Thanks Triple W!! =)

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
Thank you for doing such a great job, WWW! And thank you to Marie for agreeing to fill your shoes!
Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Congrats to Marie!!!

Thanks you guys! =)
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