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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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Good Man. I just ordered them myself. I think it includes the peacekeeper wars as a bestbuy exclusive. (I will be asking when I go into my local store.) I have heard some talk of a bluray set one day, but I figure it wouldnt be that cheap and by the time it was $69.99 I would be an old man. I want to re-enjoy them now.
Just sent in my order. Probably will pick it up Wednesday, as long as it's in stock at my local Best Buy... Which I imagine it will be.

Not sure what I'll do if it includes The Peacekeeper Wars, I picked that up a year or so ago separately... Oh well!
I can relate. I also bought the Peacekeeper Wars form Amazon a few months back, and was planning to get the complete series from them, but after coming to this board last night and seeing the Best Buy deal, I ordered from them instead (Thanks for saving me $40. by the way, you guys).

If my set does include Peacekeepers, I just give my old copy to my friend, who I have been trying to interest in both Farscape and Babylon 5 for years, but he keeps saying "Those are more fantasy than SF", a sure sign that he's never seen either one of them.
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