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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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But onto Farscape, it has great characters, wonderfully imaginative design, and an irreverent tone that is a wondeful change of pace from space opera that takes itself much more seriously (Babylon 5, Battestar Galactica, Star Trek). The first season starts and stops, but by the end of it the series is running at full pace. But some people think it's weird,
Oh, it's definitely weird. And I say so as a diehard fan. Farscape is weird, quirky, bizarre and wonderfully entertaining space opera. It's also capable of being as serious and dramatic as most other shows in the genre, with each season typically concluding with a breathless and epic arc.

But yeah, rent it. Opinions seem divided on the first season from what I've seen, but most would agree among those who like it that it gets good or great at "Nerve", the first episode of the end-of-season arc, so possibly consider sticking it out till then.

I personally consider it good from the get-go, though the first season is more than a trifle patchy early on.
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