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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

I came into JMS Spider-Man late in the game as I has just come off a ten-year break from reading comics, and my first arc of his was the one where Peter, MJ and Aunt May move into Avengers Tower. I kept buying for a few issues after that and then switched to the MK book. I would glance through ASM on the shelf on occasion to see if there was anything there that appealed to me, but I rarely wanted to buy it.

The whole "The Other" thing turned me off JMS' ASM for good except for the last three issues of his Civil War arc.

As for American Son, like I said, I bought it mostly because of the Dark Reign aspects as I'm really enjoying that storyline, but I felt that it was a very strong story for Harry and gave me a strong feel for his place in the new storyline. I liked the bond that Peter feels with Harry and despite Harry's continued bizzare hatred of Spider-Man,
I came away from the story liking Harry as a character more than I ever did before his "death".
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