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Personally, I can see her being involved with the Vulcan Colony project. And I love the idea of her and Spock Prime. Because of her daughter with Trip, I always had this diea that she'd have been Spock's sponsor at the Academy. It would be interesting to see that explored in any of the new STXI novels from Pocket...
To jump back to this post, I feel the same way about a potential connection between Young Spock and T'Pol, and have written some fanfic material thusly. T'Pol was a forerunner to him, and especially after T'Pau's appearance in STE, there is a bridge between two families, or, rather, a connecting person. She knew the value of relationships with humans all too well, and I can see her as even a mentor to Sarek in his youth, learning the skills of diplomacy and interstellar poilitics... Granted, he would not be pleased that someone so connected with him supporting his son's 'rebellious' choice-and I am thinking here of TOS- in the Prime Timeline, it's a dynamic, whereas in Abramstrek, Sarek seems 'kinder, gentler', with all honor to Prime S, and Mark L, so, it could be different, at least to some extent, given the scenes we saw. On the topic of other Vulcans surviving, assuming someone didn't mention, I think Tuvok was born on what, the Vulcanis Colony....? I certainly HOPE he's alive in Abramstrek...
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