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I've always enjoyed The Simpsons on one level or another. My problems with it started when they had a string of episodes where celebrities would randomly pop-up in episodes for no reason whatsoever, play themselves (and basically say "Hi, I'm so-and-so"), and then depart. The example that springs to mind is when Marge got Weird Al to sing to Homer for some reason.

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I really shot fact check more. Or, ever. My greatest failing as a self-important internet know-it-all is I just run off a few paragraphs and figure that my memory's more-or-less excellent when in fact it's decreipt, foggy, and hopelessly confused.

You'd think I'd learn, but no.
It's the Internet...that's allowed.

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Besides, Matt Groening, with Bender's cameo on the Simpsons and a teenager committing suicide because Futurama cancelled, is he really one to talk?
In fairness, there is a difference between a throwaway cameo and a blatant crossover.
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