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Re: The Simpsons

Season 7, for me, is when I started not enjoying some episodes. I basically tuned out shortly after that, only contuining with the Halloween specials, because even they were good despite the rest of the bad season, then one day,I forget which season, the Halloween specials started sucking really badly. I don't might a slight decline, one episode good, then the next season terrible. And it was terrible again the next season, so I dropped the series all together. At this point, it's a fucking joke well beyond it's prime. It is quite sad, really.

I've said this stuff here multiple times, and I have also said this before here:

Anybody who's never seen the series and decides to judge it by tuning into it now, or any of the re-runs from the last ten years, makes me feel fucking embaressed to even be a fan.
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