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I definitely think it's that the show has gone stale rather than I've become old (though both is true, I remember what a big deal it was for me to be the same age as Bart.) The old episodes still do it for me and not for mere nostalgia, they're just very sharp, very funny half-hours of TV. Often I understand some of them much better than I did then. The new seasons are clearly the product of a series that's been spinning its wheels for way too long. There are laughs (I caught an episode a while back and really enjoyed the couch gag of Simpsons characters appearing in old, iconic sitcoms - seeing the Simpsons run away from Sideshow Bob on the Cheers set was funny), but not as good and nowhere as frequent.

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You Only Move Twice was Season Eight
I really shot fact check more. Or, ever. My greatest failing as a self-important internet know-it-all is I just run off a few paragraphs and figure that my memory's more-or-less excellent when in fact it's decreipt, foggy, and hopelessly confused.

You'd think I'd learn, but no.

Although there would be nothing wrong with getting Season Seven as well...
True! Those were good years. "The Brother From Another Series" was another hilarious episode from season eight, and I say that very much as a Frasier fan.

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