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Re: Star Trek XII uniforms discussion

I like the tunic-over-black-undershirt style, tho I do hope that we see Uhura in one of the longsleeved tunics and trousers costumes eventually, since there were loads of women (particularly in Engineering and on the Bridge) wearing them, if for no other reason than practicality and someplace to put her rank bars! I've no idea where ranks are meant to be displayed on the cap sleeve uniforms...

(If they do keep her in the minidress, at least hopefully she'll wear the longsleeved option, to keep with the iconic image of Nichelle's costume in TOS)

One thing I really did like is that it's obvious from the way the background artists and day players were costumed that the minidresses are not the only female uniform option, and therefore it's up to the individual which uniform she wears (as opposed to TOS after the two pilots, where it looked like the minidress was compulsory).

But one thing I love most about the new uniforms (which I only noticed when I saw the high-res Style Guide pics)?

The trousers have POCKETS.

We may evolve past the need for war, poverty, or money, but I find it hard to believe we'd ever evolve past the need for a place to put our hands and/or keys.

TROUSER POCKETS! It's the way of the FUTURE!
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