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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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1. Although I understand what you're saying here, I wouldn't go so far as to say that the Enterprise-C was odd-looking, or
that it "was cobbled up at the last minute without due consideration of Probert's model." While time was indeed tight, there were budgetary considerations that prompted how the finished model ended up looking. It had nothing to do with an ignorance of Probert's design. However, any remastering would undoubtedly still make use of the finished design because the interior displays and diagrams would have to match the exterior shots.
Well, I would include CGI edits of interior displays and diagrams. The end result is that First Contact and perhaps Nemesis will be the only TNG footage to contain any references to the finished Ambassador model.

2. Agree with you 100%, although IMHO it was seen far, far more (and far, far too much) in DS9 than it ever was in TNG.
You cheated by including the space battles shots. The fleets of Excelsiors were fine there.

On the Excelsior, whatever is left of its appearances in TNG should be modified somewhat to resemble the Enterprise-B and Lakota.

3. I'll even go one better: The Klingon BoP should never have been seen in the TNG era at all. By that time, the design would have been extremely outdated, and would have posed no threat to a more advanced vessel like a Romulan Warbird.
I actually like the smaller BoP myself, which was appropriate for episodes like "Unification" and DS9's "Once More Unto The Breach" (the episode on Kor's heroic death). The bigger BoPs should be replaced by another warship design in between the battlecruiser and the Vor'cha.

The funny thing is that the Enterprise-era BoP looks like it has more weapons than the original Movies-era model.
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