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Re: "Similitude" : Line-By-Line!

T'Pol: "We sent out an EV team. They retrieved a sample of the substance accumulating on the hull."

She hands a piece of rock to Archer, who holds it up to the light for closer examination.

"Multiple hits with a plasma rifle were required to dislodge it. It's composed of highly charged particles, mostly ferric ions, but there are several elements that we can't identify..."

While she's speaking, Archer has stood and moved over to the window. He places the stone on his desk. A nearby mug quickly leaps across its surface and sticks to it.

"...and it's highly magnetic. So far, the danger to the ship seems negligible."

He glances at her before considering the view outside, almost nebula-like off in the distance. Several dark shapes close in, ranging from fine dust to small rocks, all being attracted to his ship.

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