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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

I'm sure I've posted in this thread before on why it's OK to go the STAR WARS route and not the timid TMP route, but I haven't considered these factors until now:

1) In one of the remastered episodes, some odd-looking Klingon ship is replaced by a D7. Likewise, the finalized Ambassador class is an odd-looking ship, and was cobbled up at the last minute without due consideration of Probert's model. A wholesale CGI replacement of this ship with the Probert model would allow for its later presence in a remastered DS9.

2) The Excelsior simply made too many appearances. Before the third season, the Excelsior was not scaled properly and looked too big. In the very first episode, the Excelsior model was a poor substitute for what should have been the first appearance of the Probert model, and this was indeed the initial plan. I mean, Admiral Nechayev commanding a task force with more advanced ships from a mere Excelsior-class ship? Also for consideration is the Enterprise-B/Lakota variant, which should appear more often.

3) Upscaling the Klingon Bird of Prey was just downright ridiculous, too. There is a reason why DS9 never used the so-called "K'vort class" Bird of Prey.

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