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Re: The Simpsons

TGTheodore wrote: View Post
When a show lasts as long as The Simpsons, it's quite possible that a viewer's tastes change and they no longer relate to it as much anymore. It doesn't mean the show itself has "lost its way" or gotten significantly worse, but just that the viewer has moved on and just isn't interested anymore.

What's funny and hip to a viewer at 13, isn't always the same at 34.

Or else the show actually could just become stale.

Well, the reason I think the show has become stale (at least for me) is because I can go back to Seasons 1 through 11 and enjoy them, particularly my favorite seasons 2 to 7. They never get tired or dull. The more recent Simpsons episodes just don't hold my attention, have no "soul" or "spark", they have no "heart" to me.

Phillip Culley wrote: View Post
You Only Move Twice was Season Eight

Although there would be nothing wrong with getting Season Seven as well...
I picked up Season 8 on for $5.88 "Like New" about a year ago. The deals are out there.

cultcross wrote: View Post
Round about Season 12 was the last hurrah for me - it wasn't as good as it used to be even then (the true golden age for me was about seasons 5 through 10), but I still enjoyed it and about a third of the season is good old genius. After that, it became under 1 in 5 and by season 15, a gem was a rare thing among the duds.
True. It's easy for me to rattle off great episodes from Seasons 2 through 10. After that it gets much more difficult. Once you hit Seasons 15 or 16, I can't name one, because I can't remember the names, that's how much I care.

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