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I'm sitting here watching Season Two of The Simpsons, and I'm remembering just how much I love these characters, and how that fondness is pretty much non-existent when I see new episodes on television today.
That's funny. I was channel surfing and was then so delighted to catch an old episode of the Simpsons that I sat down and watched the double bill. Part of me had forgotten how wholly and how completely I had once loved this series - there may not be a single other comedy show ever I've enjoyed as much as the Simpsons in their prime.

I'd say that things more or less entered a slide around season 10 or so. The show didn't just become bad, it merely slowly rotted into becoming less and less good, an incremental decrease that withered the series year after year. I think I realised the series had passed over the hill when I watched the episode where there was a joke about Dr. Frink and his robo-spider (don't remember the name or any of the other jokes, but it just felt so stale all of a sudden).

I only have season six on DVD, but I do revisit it occasionally. That for me was the pinnacle of the show.

Maybe I'll get season seven sometime, because "You Only Move Twice" and Hank Scorpio was some of the funniest stuff the show ever did (and maybe season four, because of, naturlich, "Last Exit to Springfield"). There was one joke in the former episode that for years could send me and other fans into conniptions of laughter just by mentioning it:

"You ever see a man say goodbye to his shoes?"
"Yes, once."

Eh. Doesn't seem so funny anymore, I'm afraid.
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